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Study shows that women on Twitter suffer abuse every 30 seconds

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Social networking is not an easy place for women to be present. A recent study by Amnesty International, in partnership with the artificial intelligence firm Element AI, however, revealed that the broth is much thicker than our taste buds imagined: in 2017, a woman suffered some kind of Twitter abuse every 30 seconds.

According to the survey, the focus of the attacks was directed at women journalists and policies present on the social microblogging network, but it also affected ordinary users, who commonly interacted in posts of more volatile subjects. The study severely criticizes Twitter, accusing the company of lack of action to curb acts and abusive actions against its users.

Exchanging in numbers: About 1.1 million abusive tweets were directed to members of the United States Congress, the British Ministry and journalists employed by political / social vehicles. The survey found 778 women of some form in the network, and identified, in just over 300,000 pages, various comments targeted specifically to users, containing some form of gender, sexuality and / or race offense.

Furthermore, what the study calls the “Troll Patrol” is more likely to target black women, who are 84% more abused than white-skinned women. According to Milena Marin, Amnesty International’s senior tactical research consultant, none of this is surprising: “The ‘Troll Patrol’ means we have the data to prove what women have been telling us for so long – that Twitter is a place where racism, misogyny and homophobia are allowed to flourish without any restraint. ” See examples below, but the trigger warning remains: language can be disconcerting to some people.

Continuing, Marin further said, “We have found that while abuses are more targeted at women across the political spectrum, black women have a much greater tendency to be impacted, making targets disproportionately easy.” Twitter’s failure to accuse and attack this problem means that it actually contributes to the silencing of voices that are already normally marginalized. “

It is not today that Twitter has suffered indifference charges against the abusive behavior: the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, has provided accounts users about alleged platform efforts on expanding its vigilance against abusive behavior in 2018, and have also appeared before the US Congress. However, there are still points to be questioned, such as the delay in taking action against Infowars conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, and the role that Dorsey played in it .

The full study is posted on Amnesty International’s website.

Source: Amnesty International


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