Street Fighter 5 features Kage, a new variation of Evil Ryu
Street Fighter 5

Kage is the first additional character in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5 and is basically Evil Ryu.

It is not called Evil Ryu because Kage is the “personification of Satsui no Hado” that is born after Ryu triumphs this constant temptation, while Evil Ryu was born when the iconic character surrendered to that power.

However, after the events of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edtion, Ryu was able to definitively overcome the temptation of Satsui in Hado and prevented in this way the birth of Evil Ryu.

As there is no beautiful without but, Evil Ryu stayed in the closet, but Kage was born. The Satsui in the Hado within Ryu became sentient and gained his own form – a demonic shadow of Ryu, who lives to prove to him that he is nothing without this power.

Evil Ryu
Evil Ryu

When looking at Kage’s moves, you may notice great similarities with Evil Ryu from Street Fighter 4, but there are a lot of new moves. His Hadouken does not create the traditional good power, his aerial Hadouken takes a horizontal trajectory and his Tatsumaki Senpukyaku performs only a rotating kick.

Your V-Trigger is a teleportation, which can be used in the air and your V-Trigger 2 is an attack that causes greater pressure and serves to cancel blocked attacks.

Kage’s Critical Art reuses one of Ryu’s supers from previous games, but with some changes and he can still execute the Raging Demon attack if he’s in V-Trigger 2 ..

Kage costs 4.99 € or 100,000 Fight Money, being the first DLC of Season 4 of Street Fighter 5, which will continue throughout 2019.


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