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Streamer ‘Ninja’ earned $1 million to promote Apex Legends

Streamer 'Ninja' earned $ 3.8 million to promote Apex Legends

One of the biggest streamers on the Twitch platform has been given a “hand” in spreading the most successful game of the moment, Apex Legends. But who does not know the phrase “there is no free lunch”? The character, in this case, was Ninja, who has more than 13 million followers and is best known for his broadcasts of the competing game, Fortunate, from Epic Games.

According to Reuters, he received an amount close to $ 1 million (equivalent to $ 3.8 million) to promote EA’s battle royale and, as expected, paid off. The game attracted 50 million players in less than 30 days. For comparison, Fortnite took about 100 days to reach 45 million players, and now that player count is over 200 million.

Although Apex Legends is free-to-play, it offers cosmetic extras that make good money for Electronic Arts. To attract large numbers of players at launch, Respawn Entertainment, the studio responsible for the game, turned the launch day into a major event with streamers from across Europe, North America, Latin America, Korea and Japan. Some of them, of course, were also paid.

“We really wanted to create a day where you could not escape ‘Apex’ if you cared about the games,” Drew McCoy, producer of Apex Legends , told Reuters. Efficient work can still be seen today: more than a month later, Apex Legends continues to be one of Twitch’s top ten products, often taking a place among the three most watched games in the service.



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