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Star Wars: EA cancels open-world game development

EA did not want to let the development of a new Star Wars

More bad news for Star Wars fans. According to Kotaku, EA has cancelled its new open-world project.  The game, which was announced nearly 2 years ago, was being developed by Electronic Arts’s Vancouver studio.

The Canadian studio in charge of handling support for a host of games from the publisher, including FIFA and Battlefront, has so far been working on this new project of the infamous Star Wars series.

Incidentally, the project was somehow inherited from the now non-existent Visceral Games, a studio that was recently closed by EA. This new game, codename  Ragtag, was supposedly an action-adventure game directed by a former director of Naughty Dog, Amy Hennig.

After the end of Visceral Games, EA did not want to let the development of a new Star Wars

The Vancouver studio was partially involved in the project. However, when EA closed Visceral Games about a year and a half ago, the studio took over the project as a whole. Unfortunately, it seems that EA has decided to terminate the project altogether.

EA did not want to let the development of a new Star Wars

In this game you took on the role of a bounty hunter. Also, the project allowed the player to explore various planets and work with different factions of the Star Wars universe. At least on its premise, the game had the potential to offer a fantastic experience …

However, it seems that a new Star Wars project is being articulated

The reason behind the cancellation relates to financial reasons, such as the time of development. That’s why EA has decided to cancel the open-world game over a more affordable Star Wars project. That is, cheaper and faster to develop.

The new project aims to reach stores earlier than its predecessor. Eventually, we should wait for news about this game later this year. Let’s hope it’s not a fiasco at the level of Star Wars: Battlefront II …



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