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Spotify will hunt down who uses ad blockers

Spotify will hunt down who uses ad blockers

Spotify is a company. So, how much business do you need to make mone? For this reason, it’s easy to see that this platform does not want people to use ad blockers. As you know, anyone who does not have the paid version of this platform gets publicity in exchange for being able to listen to music for free. This is where ad blockers become harmful.

Those who typically receive advertisements for having a free Spotify account instead of paying a monthly fee are advised that “circumventing or blocking ads on Spotify, or creating and distributing tools designed to block ads on Spotify Service” may result in “immediate termination” or suspension of the Spotify account.

The Spotify already has several detection measures to identify the use of ad blockers.

Already last year this platform found that 2 million users – 1.3% of the total, or 2% of users of the free service – used the free version along with ad blocking applications.



At that point, anyone who was caught doing so was notified by email that the account would be terminated if they continued to use those applications.

That being said, of course the defaulters can regain access. Re-install the official application or upgrade to the paid version of Spotify.

Now with the new policies coming into effect on March 1Spotify will now be able to delete an account instantly without having to inform the owner.


This news comes at a time when Spotify is on the rise!

It is that the latest earnings report revealed that this platform had a positive operating profit and net profit for the first time in its 13 years of existence.

In short, it’s true that the signatures account for almost 90% of Spotify’s revenue. I have and do not dispense Spotify Premium for anything. Still, this platform does not want to stop receiving the profits that come from advertising. It’s still very significant.


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