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Spotify has more users, twice Apple Music

Spotify has more and more users, twice Apple Music

Spotify is undoubtedly the most widely used music streaming service in the world. More than Apple Music, Deezer or any other, only statistical data could confirm what everyone suspected.

In fact, Spotify itself has made available in its official Twitter account that there are already almost 80 million users paying for the streaming service. In contrast, Apple Music holds about half at least according to what the Cupertino company itself announced last September.

On the other hand, when added, those who use and those who use (and pay) the content of the American company, are almost 150 million, a large number and that does not offer any kind of contestation.

Spotify already has more than 70 million users paying for it, much more than Apple Music!

In fact, it can be said that Apple’s biggest mistake, even if its Apple Music is not as unsuccessful as that, maybe it was the fact that it preferred to create its own product instead of betting on the biggest purchase company.

Given the lesson learned, it looks like it will eventually have a distinct posture when it comes to video streaming. However, returning to the initial theme, it is beneficial to realize that a service like Spotify has allowed a whole market to re-establish itself, and to reinvent itself.

Piracy eventually subsided, and the audience heard a few seconds of publicity in exchange for several minutes of music of their choice. In addition, Spotify will consecutively create small advertising campaigns that invite consumers to try out their content panoply.

So, as first in the top of a whole business, Spotify is growing and, in truth, to leave competitors behind, namely Apple Music.

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