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Spotify for Apple Watch: the tests have already started!

Spotify for Apple Watch: the tests have already started!

Spotify continues to be one of the best music streaming applications. It has thousands of themes, an attractive price and many features that daily conquer new users. I myself am a premium user. Now it seems that there are news that will please those who like Apple.

Spotify for Apple Watch: A standalone version for Apple’s smartwatch

The team responsible for developing this application is working hard to launch an independent application for Apple Watch. The main idea is to enable Apple smartwatch users to easily access the application when they are on the go.

It is true that no official announcement has yet been made. However, you can now download a beta version of Spotify for Apple Watch.

This application seems to be in an early stage of development since it does not include any functionality for off-line use. So we’re only limited to playback controls at this point, says MacRumors. Seen for the first time by a Redditor, the new beta version of Spotify for iOS can be downloaded as soon as it subscribes to the beta program.

Coincidence or not, Spotify has recently released an independent application for Portable Wear OS devices (ie Android). Thus, it seems that the company is interested in bringing its application to as many wearable as possible.

Summarizing and concluding, Spotify began testing the application for Apple Watch. Yet it is difficult to say when it will be widely available.


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