Home GAMES Speedranner set eight world records in Dark Souls III

Speedranner set eight world records in Dark Souls III

Speedranner set eight world records in Dark Souls III

The most productive speedrunner Dark Souls III set another world record – the eighth in his account. The last achievement of the gamer under the nickname Nemz38 was the rapid passage of the game with a new insane condition: he managed to defeat all obligatory and optional bosses, without investing his soul in pumping and playing for the “Beggar”. This class starts with rather high characteristics, but without equipment – at its disposal only a baton with a shield and below.

At all about everything in Nemz38 left 1 hour, 36 minutes and 46 seconds (without using glitch TearDrop). It should be noted that he was a full edition of Dark Souls III with two DLC, which added locations and bosses. This record was, we repeat, the eighth in the career spidranera. Previously, he managed to play the game in high-speed mode and regardless of the percentage of completed tasks in just 35 minutes. He was also faster than the rest to collect all the trophies in the game (it took him 12 and a half hours) and run Boss Rush – a popular custom modification that allows you to skip the levels and fight only with the bosses. With the last he managed in just 24 and a half minutes.

And all this taking into account that the standard passage of the full edition of Dark Souls III in most gamers takes tens of hours. Nemz38 himself decided to retire from the zenith of fame – on one of the streamers spidraner said that he had achieved everything he could, and now it’s time to say goodbye to DSIII. To break his records, by the way, so far nobody has succeeded.



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