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Specifications for 5G networks approved by the competent authority

Specifications for 5G networks approved by the competent authority

Surely you’ve heard of the new standard for 5G mobile networks. This will certainly be the technology that will come to replace the standard 4G we nowadays use in mobile network connections to the internet. Its main objective will be the improvement in the download speeds, as well as a greater autonomy for the compatible equipment.

This new pattern of mobile connections has sometimes been spoken by the most diverse technology companies, it’s true. But it is important to mention that we are still somewhat distant from using 5G connections in our day-to-day life. There are still no physical infrastructures that support this technology, much less equipment supporting it.

But now a first step has been taken in that direction. The technical specifications for 5G connections were finally approved by the entity that oversees this sector, 3GPP. The heads of this entity reached an agreement at a meeting held in the city of Lisbon.

Until now the operators and builders knew, just like us, the eminence of the arrival of 5G networks but did not have the technicalities necessary for their implementation. From now on they already know how they will have to develop their services and products.

5G networks can, from now on, begin to be developed and implemented

Download speeds of this new standard should also increase considerably compared to 4G. Currently, 4G allows download speeds of up to 1Gbps. With 5G networks, these speeds can be as high as tens of Gbps.However, the complete list of specifications for 5G networks is not yet available but will be a matter of days until it is. As it is currently known, this technology will support low-frequency networks between 600MHz and 700MHz, 3.5GHz and 50GHz high-frequency networks.

The first step in implementing this new type of mobile connection is given. From now on, the process of developing infrastructures and equipment supporting it is followed before we can make use of its advantages in our daily lives.


  1. What a great update! I know this 5G will be so strong! The funniest part now is that, i’ve nt even experience the 4G uptil now…

  2. Thanks to technology.
    Only God knows when we will have a good 5G network over here.
    Presently the 4G network here is not even stable and it’s only in selected areas.
    Admin thanks for the info.

  3. Am glad my htc m9plus operates in those frequencies listed above. So I will have a taste of the speed when it comes to Biafra lands. No need to change phone…Yeepeeee


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