Home NEWS Spain Fine Facebook more than one million euros

Spain Fine Facebook more than one million euros

Spain Fine Facebook more than one million euros

The social network by Mark Zuckerberg is accused of not properly informing users about the data collected.

The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) fined the Facebook social network 1.2 million euros for collecting personal information from its users without their consent.

The regulator considers that the social network commits two serious infringements (with penalties of 300,000 euros each) and a very serious (600,000 euros) of the Data Protection Law, imposing the 1.2 million euros, the maximum allowed by law Spanish.

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The sanction is the highest ever imposed by that agency on an individual basis. At the same time, another investigation is taking place in Spain related to the exchange of data between the social network and the Whatsapp messaging service.

In the decision leading to the fine, the AEPD accuses Facebook of collecting data on ideologies, sex, religious beliefs, personal tastes or navigation for advertising purposes, directly through interaction with its services or third party pages, without informing use or the purpose that will be given to them.

This happens without the direct consent of the users of the social network, something that goes against what is defined in the Spanish law.


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