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Sony to seed Android Marshmallow to Xperia Z5 users in January


Sony’s flagship Xperia Z5 smartphone could receive Android
Marshmallow OS update earlier than expected. The timeline is rumoured to
be as early as January 2016. According to known
technology tipster, Ricciolo (via Twitter), users of the more recent
Sony Xperia Z5 can expect Android Marshmallow in January 2016. The
software upgrade is also said to seed to older Xperia handsets shortly
after seeding to Xperia Z5 devices across the world.

Sony to seed Android Marshmallow to Xperia Z5 users in January

This means that it should only be a matter of time before all
flagship Sony Xperia smartphones are updated to Android Marshmallow.
Xperia Z5 owners can check out their smartphones on a regular basis and
let us know the rollout status of Android Marshmallow.
Key features
Users of Sony Xperia flagship smartphones can expect new functionality after installing Android M, such as:

  • Android Pay: Google’s
    contactless mobile payment system is claimed to enable users to make
    payments at supported retail stores through a virtual account number
    that represents users’ account information on their credit/debit cards.
    This system does not transmit actual debit/credit card details.
  • Google Doze: Google
    Doze automatically theoretically reduces numerous background
    processes/tasks started by Android, thereby enhancing overall battery
    life of a smartphone when handsets are left unattended.
  • Fingerprint Scanner:
    This functionality is claimed to boost the overall security of the
    entire smartphone and Android Pay, via the biometric sensor technology.
  • Google Now on Tap: Google
    Now functionality is tweaked by Android M, such that users can initiate
    On Tap: input. With this, additional information about any keyword can
    be obtained by just long-pressing the home button. More than one
    reference to the content queried for by users is provided by Google Now
    by accurately collating related data.


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