Sony PS4 Pro translucent is official but will be almost impossible to have
Sony PS4 Pro translucent

Sony has celebrated the sale of 500 million PlayStation’s sold with a version of the Sony PS4 Pro translucent. This new variant does not differ much from the models already released so far, however, the Sony PS4 Pro translucent construction conquers anyone. Mainly those who like and were fascinated with the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Emerald Green 

The new Sony PS4 Pro will be sold at a price of around € 500, however, it will not be easy to find one of these in stores.

This is because the console will only have 50,000 units. All of them will have serial numbers and all of them will arrive with the “PlayStation Camera” offer, the vertical stand for the PS4 Pro and 2TB HDD memory.

Sony PS4 Pro translucent will only have 50 thousand units

There is not much more to talk about this new PS4 Pro translucent. It’s just a shame that it’s official with limited units, I did not mind paying a little more to have a console like this one in setup.

Sony PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition

What I like to see is the translucent command. I know that one can buy one of these anywhere and much cheaper, however, the combination of the pack makes me want to scratch the card until I can not.

There are no dates yet for the evolution of PS4 Pro. Many believe the PS5 will come next year, but I do not see Sony doing it. Go there that the gaming department is not as bad as the mobile. Otherwise we had a new PlayStation every 6 months (cof cof).

I have to admit that I am a fan of the consoles of the Japanese company. As much as I’d like to try XBox, PlayStation always has priority in my purchase.


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