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Sony PlayStation 5 – The code name of the new console is ‘Erebus’!

As you may know, PS4 time is ending! Something that even Sony itself confirmed at E3 2018, saying that the console has reached its last stage of life. In parallel, the company also confirmed that its new generation console ‘PS5’ is already under development!

That said, it looks like this new console already appeared in the game engine code ‘Unreal Engine 4’!

A user named ‘Gemüsepizza’ has published what appears to be the code name of the new Sony console, the PS5. Apparently, the name ‘Erebus’ was found alongside various platforms such as the PS4, Xbox, Switch, among others.

In short, if this code name is really a new console, it is very likely to be the PS5!

For those who do not know, ‘Erebus’ comes from Greek mythology, and essentially means the god of darkness! Now, how does this relate to the PlayStation 5 (PS5)? Well, the PS4 before its release also had the mythological name, ‘Oribis’. While Neo was the code name of the PS4 Pro and in parallel, Morpheus was the name of PSVR.

So it makes perfect sense that ‘Erebus’ is a great candidate for PS5!

Having said all this, it is not the first time that information about the new PS5 arrives on the Internet! In fact, in recent months has been a fartote! Like a few months ago, a job offer, which mentioned the development of a new ‘Call of Duty’ for the PlayStation 5 and new Xbox.

However, we know that the new PS5 is only due in 2020, and that players expect the new generation of consoles to bring much better support to 4K 60 FPS, as well as more support for VR technologies.

To conclude, it seems that things start to compose! And that Sony is already working at all gas on its new platform, probably to take advantage of all the success that the PS4 brought to the company.

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