Sony Playstation 4 – Number of units sold beats new record

Sony Playstation 4 - Number of units sold beats new record

Many claims that the console market will be over. However, the figures from Sony PlayStation 4 prove otherwise. Although the growth rates of console sales over the same period of time may have decreased, this does not mean that the public has declined. Quite the opposite.

In fact, the PlayStation 4 surpassed the 82 million units sold. Well, even though it may not seem like a number as relevant as that, the truth is that it goes against the numbers of the predecessor.

That is, Sony’s PlayStation 3 got a similar number of units sold, in all the time it was on the market. This, in turn, is not the reality lived by PS4 – that will still delay to leave the market.

Sony PlayStation 4 is still far from the PS2 numbers …

In fact, the big question is whether you will be able to do the same thing as the first model, the original one, and finally with the PlayStation 2. The latter did record enviable sales figures.

The PS2, for those who do not know, managed to break through the 155 million unit sold during its lifetime in the market. Awesome, really.

Nintendo Switch – More than 20 million units sold

So we will see to what extent this will be possible. After all, the latest console was only released in 2013, so you’ll have some more time to claim to be the “winner”. And we must take note of another aspect, the market today is not, neither near nor far, like the one that existed in the time of PS2.

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