Home NEWS Sony Mobile prepares to lay off 200 employees in Europe

Sony Mobile prepares to lay off 200 employees in Europe

Sony Mobile prepares to lay off 200 employees in Europe

Year after year with the number of Android smartphones sold to fall , the Japanese manufacturer now has an insignificant market share . However, already last October the manufacturer had predicted a possible cost containment. Measure to be applied in the division responsible for Sony Xperia.

Therefore we see now this measure to be put into practice. First, the news was advanced by the publication  XperiaBlog, publication attentive to the brand’s designs. A total of 200 jobs will be extinguished, mainly affecting Lund’s offices in Sweden.

Secondly, all affected employees are currently employed in the mobile division at the former headquarters of the brand in Lund, Sweden. However, it must be said that at present Sony employs a total of 800 full- time employees. Here as well as 400 other employees through subcontracting to meet the current needs of the company.

Sony is reducing its staff in Europe

However, this measure will affect only its full-time employees, the workforce of 800 people. However, for now we do not know all the details of this imposition of the brand responsible for Sony Xperia.

Still, according to the same source, this whole process will be finished by the end of March 2019. In this sense, all these collaborators will no longer work in Sony or with their Android smartphones, the Sony Xperia.

Thirdly, over the next few years the Android maker should continue to reduce operating costs by about 50%. Therefore we will see measures of this kind to be applied not only in Europe as well as in other theaters of operation / world markets.

The brand continues to manufacture Android smartphones

However, Sony has already publicly admitted that it expects to suffer losses with its Sony Xperia at least until mid-2020. In short, unless the 5G’s “new era” operates a real miracle with the brand and its Sony Xperia, the Sony spiral will keep its momentum.

That is, according to the best forecasts of the brand, the advent of 5G can put again this mobile division  towards the profits. However, for now this is a big “if” that will still take any kind of effect, positive or negative.

We have new Sony Xperia on the way!

In fact, the Japanese manufacturer will continue with its (destructive) cycle of semiannual releases. That is, every 6 months your high-end Android smartphones ( flagships ) are replaced by new terminals.

Therefore, after announcing the Sony Xperia XZ3 last August, we already have several leaks of information allusive to its successors. Meanwhile we will also have new mid-range Android smartphones.

Here are the possible news being the Sony Xperia XA3 or XA3 Ultra. Here as well as an Xperia L3 for the input segment. These devices can be presented during the next  Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) in Barcelona – February to March 2019.


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