Home NEWS Sony launches the classic game ‘Lemmings’ for Android and iOS

Sony launches the classic game ‘Lemmings’ for Android and iOS

Sony launches the classic game 'Lemmings' for Android and iOS

The classic game ‘Lemmings’, extremely popular in the 90’s has now been re-invented for the mobile platforms. Thanks to a partnership between Sony and Sad Puppy, the game has now been released for free for both Android and iOS.

All the mechanics of the game remain identical to the original title that has conquered millions of users over the years. Sad Puppy, the company responsible for game development, promises thousands of levels that will provide unlimited entertainment.

As in its original version, players will have to guide the little Lemmings to ‘safe harbor’, overcoming traps and solving various types of puzzles. Throughout your journey in this new version of the game for Android and iOS, you’ll be able to collect unique Lemmings and also compete against other players in various tournaments.

Lemmings has been a success for over 20 years now and arrive for Android and iOS

Considering that you will have the opportunity to play against other players around the world, you would expect that it would be necessary to have active internet so that you can play this new game.

Since its launch, however, many users have expressed their displeasure with the monetization system implemented by Sony and Sad Puppy, in both the Android and iOS versions.

However, I do not think there is any reason for any kind of dissatisfaction. Lemmings is available for free for both platforms, being a true free-to-play game. That is, you do not have to spend money to be successful throughout the game.



But let’s not forget that companies need to monetize their games in some way, otherwise they no longer exist … That’s why Lemmings comes with an already-usual ‘energy’ system. That once exhausted, you need to wait (plenty of time) until it is restored. As you’d expect, you have the option of spending money to make this process faster.

If you played the original version of Lemmings in the past, get ready to live moments of pure nostalgia, now on your Android or iOS smartphone. If you have never had the pleasure of saving these little creatures, this is surely a game you will have to try!


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