Home GAMES Sony is hiring in preparation for PlayStation 5!

Sony is hiring in preparation for PlayStation 5!

Sony is hiring in preparation for PlayStation 5!
PlayStation 5

While many expected new-generation consoles to arrive in 2019 … It should be noted that Sony has just confirmed the development of the PlayStation 5 in recent days.

Incidentally, Sony is just now trying to join a team for the development of the console! To actively recruit a senior product manager, and a senior software engineer to work on their proprietary network.

Both job ads were published on October 14 in the San Francisco area! In order to help Sony ‘pave’ the way to its new generation of consoles.  However, even though neither the name ‘PlayStation 5’ or the ‘PS5’ name are mentioned in the publications, they are clearly jobs for the future of the Sony Gaming division.

In fact, the announcement for the position of Product Manager appeared on LinkedIn, and mentions that the candidate will ” nalisar the tendencies of industry and competition, to contribute to the development of a strategy .” This strategy will be transformed into a ” Executable planning for the next generation of PlayStation consoles. 

That will help ” develop platforms that will allow you to deliver smart experiences for the next generation of PlayStation handsets. 

In short, it should be something to do with the ‘PlayStation Network’! (Given the mention of Sony’s cloud service network.)

In summary, we do not know at what stage of development is the new console, but these announcements reveal that things are moving at their pace … And that in the very near future, the company itself will share more details with the public.

That said, many experts already point to E3 2019 as the most suitable event for an ad! And you, what do you think? When will the new Sony console come to market?


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