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Sony Introduces New Signature Series Headphones and Player

Sony Introduces New Signature Series Headphones and Player

Japanese technology company Sony recently introduced two products from its line dedicated to audiophiles, the Signature Series. First of all we have here new earphones or wired headsets. Secondly, we also have a new music player.

It should also be noted that both products will only come on the market from January 2019. Moreover, it should be noted that both devices represent the ” crème de la crème”  of what the Japanese manufacturer is capable of doing.

In short, they are ultra-premium equipment with a price to accompany. Therefore, these earphones should cost about 2,299.99 dollars in the United States of America. On the other hand the music player should cost $ 8,499.99 in the same market.

Clarifying the name of each of these products we have, firstly, Sony headsets, the  IER-Z1R. Second, the latest digital music player is called  DMP-Z1 Signature Series Digital Music Player.

Sony introduces new headphones and “Premium”

Both products of Japanese technology are above all a display of their prowess. They are the ultimate exponent of what the manufacturer is capable of doing at any given time, and as such, its price is equally high. Therefore, we have two products designed to give the most ambitious consumers the most perfect product. In the same way, both products aim to deliver the best possible sound experience to the consumer. For such, the new headphones (wired) use dynamic drivers of 5mm.


Extremely proud of this new and luxurious product, the manufacturer shows us several of the steps of its design in the video that can be found at the bottom of the page. Therefore, Sony promises a “sound that you can feel and give the most coverage – up to 100kHz.”

Secondly and completing the Sony IER-Z1R headphones we also have the DMP-Z1 Signature Series Digital Music Player. In this sense the new product promises to dazzle not only by the quality of construction as well as its versatility.

Both products are part of the Sony Signature Series

Therefore you will be able to do an  upscale audio source so that this is the best possible. We even have a processor that will help emulate the sound of a vinyl player. Therefore we have a strong emphasis on the lower frequencies and their resonance as well as surface noise.

This portable player promises up to 10 hours of standard (not high-resolution) audio playback. We also have 256GB of internal storage as well as two loose USB cards. All with a Type C USB port as well as a 3.1-inch color screen.

In short, they are two luxury products that intend to show the world what the brand is best able to do.


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