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Sony adds icon that identifies whether the user is playing on PS4 or PS5

Sony implemented an improvement to the PlayStation system buddy list. You can now see a small icon that shows whether the user is playing on PS4 or PS5 . There will be ways to join cross-gen parties from the launch of the new console, so the function should help in some way.

As the image below shows, the symbol appears next to the game enjoyed by the player. For now, only PlayStation 4 video game stickers show up, after all, the next-gen hasn’t debuted yet.

Sony now identifies the platforms used by users (Photo: Push Square)

According to GamesRadar , PS Vita players will also have a special icon. On the other hand, there are no citations for PlayStation 3 users. In any case, crossgen communication will not involve these two platforms: only PS4 and PS5 will share compatibility.

Exit PS4, enter PS5

Exactly one month before the launch of the PlayStation 5 in Brazil. Because of this, Sony has been publishing several news about the next-gen, such as the user interface of the new console , as well as details of the voice chat and backwards compatibility .

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