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Solitaire celebrates 30 years! Help Microsoft beat a world record!

If there is a game that anyone has heard of it is Microsoft Solitaire, a true legend of computers. Today, Solitaire celebrates 30 years of existence, after having had its debut in 1990 in Windows 3.0. After having spent more than two decades as an integral part of Windows, today it is an “independent” game and presents itself as “Microsoft Solitaire Collection”.

Even after 3 decades, the Solitaire continues to be played by millions of users, with over 35 millions of players per month. Furthermore, it is an extremely comprehensive game, being played in more than 200 countries and in 65 different languages.

Microsoft Solitário 30 anos

In addition to its entertainment purpose, the original Solitaire was used as a learning tool, showing users how to use the “drag” feature “items with the mouse. This was an innovative feature that ended up revolutionizing the way we use computers.

Microsoft wants to beat the record for most Solitaire sessions in 24 hours

In its official publication on this milestone, Microsoft asked the help of all Solitaire fans, aiming to beat the record for most games played in just 24 hours. Considering that this is one of the most popular games ever and extremely easy to play, today is the best time to try to break records.

Currently, the Microsoft Solitaire Collection is available free for Windows, Android and iOS, offering players a very interesting interface. In addition, it offers several types of game, difficulty evolution and objectives. There is no doubt that the “modern” Solitaire has much more to offer than the classic launched years ago 30 .

Solitário Microsoft Merch

To celebrate its 30 years of existence, Microsoft has launched physical products for the first time do Solitário in your online store. Now, you will be able to buy a T-Shirt of the 30 Solitary Years or a mug for your tea /coffee. See prices in the Microsoft online store.

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