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Smartwatch: not even Google seems to believe in WearOS

Having a smartwatch in 2020 is no longer a thing for nerds or geeks. Smart watches have started to be a part of our lives with considerable improvements over the years and their focus on health and well-being.

Right now we have two great platforms to fight for first place. Apple’s WatchOS and Google’s WearOS. Still, in this segment there is much more competition than in smartphones. Samsung, Huawei, OPPO or even Xiaomi use their operating system on their smartwatches.

Google preferred Apple’s WatchOS to WearOS

YouTube Music WatchOS Apple

However, Google’s new decision it leaves us to question how much the company believes in its systems. Google has just launched its latest YouTube Music app for Apple’s smart watches …

That is, the app is made by Google, YouTube belongs to Google and Wear OS is also from Google. However, the company decided to give the most tasty snack to all iPhone users.

This is because those who have an Apple Watch cannot pair it with a smartphone other than a cracked apple. Incidentally, Apple is the only one that can boast at this point in creating a system as restricted as this one. However, it only creates it because the competitors still don’t understand the move and “tassels” like this one from YouTube Music.

WearOS has a lot to evolve

WearOS da Google

I have not used a WearOS from Google for some good months, however, there is nothing to call me back. My experience with WearOS always leaves something to be desired.

As much as the watch even has good specifications, there is no time that the software does not suffer. The User Interface itself is far from being as minimal and simple as the Apple WatchOS.

I’m sincerely looking forward to seeing Google evolve the smart watch system. Who knows when the company launches its smartwatch, take a more serious look at these decisions.

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