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Smartphones with 108MP cameras and 10x zoom can reach 2020


Ice Universe, one of the most respected sources of information on Samsung, brings more news about the future of mobile photography. This time, the well-known leaker says that smartphone cameras with 108MP and 10x zoom can arrive already next year.

The source provides no further details, which leaves a lot of room for speculation. Still, it accompanies this novelty with an image that quickly reminds us of the Galaxy Note 10.

It is certain that these new cameras will not arrive with Note 10, but this illustration may be a clue that Samsung will be the holder of this new sensor. Currently, South Korea’s highest resolution sensor has 64MP.

Sony is the one with the highest resolution sensor on the market. At stake is its 48MP lens which is already part of several smartphones, namely Xiaomi. Samsung’s 64MP lens has not yet officially hit the market.

The combination of a 108MP lens with 10x zoom is the big news

It’s important to talk about the 10x optical zoom that this new lens promises. Not being a hybrid zoom, this technology will allow you to capture images without any loss of quality.

This is not a new technology, since Oppo has already presented it earlier this year. The great news in this news is even the combination of this ability to approximate the image with such a lens resolution.

This camera with 108MP sensor can use “Pixel Pinning”

Like Sony’s 48MP sensor, this new lens could use a technology called “Pixel Pinning”. Thanks to this technology, you can capture images with greater clarity and clarity.

The mere increase in lens resolution does not mean the consequent improvement in the quality of the captured images. There are many other factors to take into account, namely its aperture, the size of the sensor and even its image processing software.

But while we already see 48MP sensors in the midrange, we will hardly see a 108MP in the same segment. Such resolution seems too big for this range of smartphones. Thus, it is likely that this new lens could become unique to gamma tops, at least in its principles.

This is not the first time we speak of a lens with a resolution higher than 100MP. Qualcomm and Credit Suisse have already mentioned a 150MP lens, but so far it has not materialized.


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