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Smartphones with four cameras coming soon – DxOMark

Smartphones with four cameras coming soon - DxOMark
Smartphones with four cameras coming soon - DxOMark

As the years progress, smartphones have accommodated more and more cameras. Huawei has been the pioneer in this field, after giving us the first equipment with two and three cameras. However, according to DxOMark, we will not stop here.

The new Huawei P20 Pro is the first smartphone to hit the market with three lenses. This Android is composed of a conventional lens, a zoom lens and a monochrome lens. A set that earned him first place in the DxOMark ranking.

This number of cameras certainly came to stay in the market. This was also the case with Huawei’s introduction of dual cameras and also with triple cameras.

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This seems to be no longer a question, especially if Apple also opts for this approach. There are already rumors to indicate that the next iPhone will have three lenses.

DxOMark predicts smartphones with four lenses

Looking ahead to the future of the mobile photography industry, we have Nicolas Touchard’s latest interview with AndroidHeadlines. Here DxOMark’s marketing VP states that the four lenses are not a matter of “if”, but of “when.”

For him will be inevitable the presentation of smartphones with four cameras. When that will happen is that it remains a mystery. All because this is the way to overcome the physical limitations of this type of equipment.

For Touchard, the inclusion of several sensors is the logical path to follow by manufacturers of smartphones. Given the dimensions of these devices, we can not expect the inclusion of lenses with the same dimensions as a DSLR.

So with three lenses, better photographic results and better zoom quality can be achieved without sacrificing the structure of the smartphone. An approach that will become much more popular on the market in early 2019.

For smartphones with four cameras, no prediction was given for their arrival in the market. Touchard merely stated that they will arrive, and we are now waiting to see if it will materialize and who will be the first.



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