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Smartphone production bounces back just in time for iPhone 12

Despite the fact that the health authorities have already warned us that the pandemic has not ended, the industries are gradually recovering normality. Now transformed to apply the new security standards required by the current situation, production plants around the world are reactivating to continue trying to get the world economy ahead. And among them, we find those of the next iPhone, which have managed to get started just in time.

Thanks to a report collected by AppleInsider and published by analyst Krish Sankar, we have been able to know that the production of the main smartphone manufacturers has begun to recover from the devastation caused by COVID-19. In the case of this second quarter of 2020, for example, it is estimated that Apple will produce a total of 35 million units, which would mean a decrease of 13% compared to last year and 5% compared to last quarter.

The problem would no longer be so much of the levels of production, but of the demand that may be for these products. As indicated in the same report, the effects that the pandemic may have are unknown. Although even in this situation, analysts expect great results from Apple, especially its new iPhone SE, a model of which up to a total of 25 million units could be manufactured by this year 2020.

As for the different models of the iPhone 12, it is confirmed that there are four models about to go into production with an estimated launch in the last quarter of this year. This would agree with the rumors that now place the departure of these new phones in the month of October due to the delays caused by this crisis.

This should serve as a message of reassurance to all those who are not yet particularly sure whether the times will be met. A piece of news that reminds us that the world is already recovering from this hard blow, but that we must not stop being cautious either . Let’s have a social conscience, and let’s continue working to recover together.

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