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Features of the Rom: =========

*Based On STOCK Jelly Bean 4.2.2 (It’s Not an AOSP)
*Dual Sim 3G..
*Pre-Rooted (Latest su Binar Added) *Deodexed (Of course man!)
*Busybox 2.21.0 Stericson Preinstalled
*Busybox Run Parts/init.d Supported Kernel
*Ultra Fast Performance
*Super Smooth UI

*Themed Like MiUi
*Tastes & Feels like MiUi
*CM Butter Project build.prop tweaks (Credits-Droidbeans)
*Miui Notes, File Manager, Sound Recorder (Credits-Hootanspart)
*MultiLock (Credits-Sam Ron)
*Walkman Music Player, Clear Audio+, Xloud (Credits-Rizal Lovins)
*Xperia Z1 Gesture Supported International Keyboard (Credits-Rizal Lovins) *Advanced init.d script (Credits-Shovik Chowdhury, zeppelinrox, darky)
*Shovik’s build.prop tweaks
*Long lasting battery life
*MiUi V5 Icons
*MiUi V5 Boot & Shut Animations
*New Walton Logo
*Trinity Audio Engine
*MiUi Widgets (Credit-Shovik Chowdhury)
*Modded Launcher2.apk
*11 New Lockscreens with stunning 3D Animations
*More free RAM
*Better Camera Quality
*Google DNS Servers
*Internet Speed Boost
*3G Afterburned……….Much More…
Installation System:
Make sure you do backup before flashing ROM

After downloading the ROM boot into recovery & follow these steps-

For CWM user
1. Wipe data/Factory Reset
2. Wipe Cache
3.     Format System
4.  Wipe Dalvik Cache
4. Install zip from SDCARD

For COT Recovery User:
1. Factory Reset
2. Pre-Flash Wipe
3. Storage Management & Wipe Dalvik Cache
4. Install zip from SDCARD

For CTR Recovery User:
1. Go to Wipe Menu and wipe all selected item
2. Install form zip & card;

*****After installing.
4. Reboot Phone  In the first startup it may take a long time to start. Don’t worry your phone won’t brick.
Androidvillaz/Download part 1 
Androidvillaz/Download part 2  
Androidvillaz/Download part 3
Androidvillaz/Download part 4   

                                                         how-to-make-split-zip-files-to be-one

              IMEI+FIX    just copy the two files from fix into Rom before flashing using zarchiver
Download Patch for Sound UPDATED

   That’s all. Everything is done perfectly. Enjoy the best ROM

Thanks/Credits to:
@Almighty God
@Shovik Chowdhury
All Rights Reserved


  1. Hello,
    Thanks a lot for this! I have two questions though. I tried to flash the ROM but it took more than an hour to complete the first boot so I stopped it n restored my initial ROM. My questions therefore are:
    After extracting part 1, should the other rar. parts (2,3,4) be in the same folder?
    Approx how long does the first boot take?
    Thank you

  2. Yes sir for question one
    And question 2

    You didn't follow the wipe instructions that why it bootlooping
    You didn't format system that why most persons jump that part n end up having bootloop
    Follow the instructions sir.. It will work

  3. its a little unstable, it keep loosing the IMEI most of the time, sound is not working, no front camera! try to fix these the please

    • fix for that is already in the post read this line in post IMEI+FIX just copy the two files from fix into Rom before flashing using zarchiver

      download that IMEI FIX open the zip file with Zarchiver copy the two files you see in the IMEI FIX and paste in the Rom then flash the rom. Await your feedback

    • If you use the right boot.image of h5 it suppose to work or you didnt format system while the doing wiping that may cause it not to boot up…..format system flash the rom let see it should work


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