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Simple Fixes for Google Play Store Problems

Simple Fixes for Google Play Store Problems

If you are Android user, it’s almost a given that you acquire most of your apps from the Google Play Store. But what happens when it stops working? Today we will loot at  how to uninstall and reinstall the Google Play Store when things go wrong.

The Basic Formula for Fixing Google Play Store Problems

There’s four different fixes for repairing most Play Store errors. You don’t need to use all of these simultaneously — just try one and see if it fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, try another.
The four fixes are: Stop the app and then wipe the Store’s cache and/or data; switch from a data connection to WiFi; Uninstall and Reinstall the Play Store (requires root privileges); refresh your Google Account.

These fixes cover the majority of Play Store problems. However, included are several errors which these methods won’t resolve (please see the section below titled Other Google Play Store Error Codes and Fixes).

Stop App, Wipe Cache and Data

The Google Play Store relies on other processes that runs silently in the background. Whenever you wipe the Google Play Store, it’s also a good idea to do the same with Google Services and Google Framework Services. Optionally, you may also want to wipe data for Download Manager. Once wiped, restart your device and then reattempt the installation or update. This may require that you re-enter your login information.
Because this method resolves most issues,


First, Go to Settings. Then Navigate to Apps and find the tab for All.

google play cache wipe

Next, Choose Google Play Services and go to FORCE STOP and stop the app. Then choose CLEAR CACHE (or CLEAR DATA, which also wipes the cache, but requires that you re-log into the service).

android wipe play store cache and data 2

Switch From Data to WiFi

A lot of apps won’t install if your Internet connection is spotty — which commonly afflicts those using  mobile data. To switch from mobile data to WiFi, simply connect to a WiFi network.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Play Store App

For those with root access  users can uninstall and reinstall the Google Play Store. You can download a mostly up-to-date copy of the Store, which requires that you use a file manager (like Amaze File Manager).

Refresh your Google Account

Refreshing, or removing and re-adding, your Google Account isn’t very hard. Here’s Google’s official instructions (technically, these instructions cover Nexus devices, but they will work for most everyone). WARNING: This will remove your personal data from the device, including messages and other data.
First, head to Settings. Then choose Accounts.

Then select the account that’s experiencing issues. If all accounts suffer from the problem, you will need to remove all the accounts. Choose the menu option, which is represented by three vertical dots, located at the top-right of the screen. Then choose Remove account.

remove google account android

You can then re-add your account from the Accounts menu. You may want to restart your phone after re-adding your account, but that’s not required.


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