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See How much Apple Earned in the second quarter of 2018

See How much Apple Earned in the second quarter of 2018

Yesterday, Apple disclosed its earnings for the second quarter of 2018, i.e. for the last 3 months. The company surpassed Wall Street expectations in almost every category, selling 52.2 million iPhones and earning 61.1 billion dollars. Below are all the data.

The results for the second quarter of 2018 compared with the second quarter of 2017:

  • Income : 61.1 billion dollars – 52.9 billion, up 16%
  • iPhone : 52.2 million – 50.8 million, up 3%
  • iPad : 9.1 million – 8.9 million, up 2%
  • Mac: 4.1 million – 4.2 million, lower by 3%

Here’s are the comment from Tim Cook and Luca Maestri:

“We are pleased to report that the results for this quarter were the best; increased sales of iPhone, services and accessories, “- says the head of Apple Tim Cook. “Users choose the iPhone among other models more often with every week, as it was in the last quarter. Moreover, sales have increased in all parts of the world. Sales in China and Japan rose by 20%. “

“Our business has gone up the hill in the last quarter, average revenues have grown by 30%, and we generated a turnover of more than $ 15 billion,” says Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer. “Now we have more flexible access to our finances around the world, and we can more effectively invest in projects in the US and develop a more optimal capital structure. Given our confidence in the future of Apple, we are very pleased to announce that our board approved a new permission to sell shares for 100 billion dollars and a 16 percent increase in dividends. “

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It was a great quarter for Apple. The company not only surpassed Wall Street’s expectations but also announced the sale of shares for another $ 100 billion and the growth of dividends of 16%. Expectations for the third quarter of this year are no less ambitious. At the time of this writing, 3% of shares have already been bought.


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