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Security Specialist John Callas traded Apple for ACLU

Apple has a huge number of experienced security professionals. However, according to sources, the company will lose one of the best.

The Reuters publication writes that John Callas – a security specialist who has long been working for Apple, will leave the company to join the American Civil Liberties Union. The report also states that in the union his salary will be significantly lower. He will sign a contract with the ACLU for 2 years.

While working at Apple, Callas had his own team of hackers who cracked unreleased Apple products. He is not the first to leave Apple. For the company, Callas has created a data encryption system on the Mac. Before he settled at Apple, the specialist collaborated with Blackphone companies, PGP Corp. and silent circle.

“John Callas has unsurpassed knowledge about the dangers of covert surveillance and is an extremely effective communicator for the public, which is equally important,” said Ben Weisner, director of the ACLU Speech project, Privacy, and Technology.

Callas will continue to engage in safety and hopes that tech companies will do the same. He believes that companies should not add covert surveillance to their devices, and even more so at the request of the authorities.

In the American Civil Liberties Union, Callas will “help resist government demands for companies to keep track of users, as well as keep an eye on the work on artificial intelligence.”

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