Apple pays student millions after intimate photos hit the net

France fined Google € 220 million to force it to change its advertising policies
France Google

Scientists have developed a new form of silicon: the possibility of improving the performance of electronic components

Apple unveils iOS 15 with new features

Dodge S86 Pro introduced with a 8500 mAh battery and a thermometer
Dodge NEWS smartphone

How is NASA preparing for possible medical emergencies on the Mars mission?
Mars Science

Travel Across The Globe With The Google Flume Tool
Google NEWS

Unveils i4 M50; The first Bavarian electric car with the M mark

Vladimir Putin's limousine entered the production phase; Oros Senate is a rival to Rolls-Royce
Car Rolls-royce

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 will likely come with a narrower bezel than the previous generation
NEWS samsung smartp

Google is pursuing new policies in the field of cryptographic advertising
Google NEWS

Russia wants to travel to Jupiter by 2030 with a nuclear spacecraft

Sony plans to sell more than 20 million PS5 in 2022
games Sony


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