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Facebook insinuates that its applications can now be paid for
Apple facebook NEWS

JSpotify increased the cost of subscriptions at the same time as the unveiling of Facebook Player
facebook NEWS

How to create your Facebook avatar or emoji easily from iPhone or iPad
facebook How to

Top 7 things that everyone posts on social networks, that they should not

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are failing! What is up?
facebook Instagram NEWS Whatsapp

Facebook has eliminated more than 2 billion false accounts in 2019
facebook NEWS

Facebook creates Libra Networks, blockchain company and payments
Blockchain facebook Libra Networks NEWS

Facebook launches tools focused on small entrepreneurs
facebook NEWS Small Entrepreneur

Facebook gets revenue of US $ 15 billion in the first quarter of 2019
facebook NEWS Revenue

Facebook launches tool to create VR avatar with more realistic expressions
behavioral models expressive avatars facebook NEWS oculus avatars Virtual reality virtual version VR avatar

Attention Millions of Facebook accounts are exposed again
facebook Millions of Facebook NEWS

Finally, Facebook Messenger allows you to quote messages in chat rooms
facebook Facebook Messenger NEWS

New Zealand operators block sites with video of attack
facebook New Zealand NEWS

Telegram gets 3M new signups during Facebook apps’ outage
facebook NEWS Telegram

Facebook denies DDoS attack, but platforms remained unstable on Wednesday
DDos DDos attack facebook Instagram NEWS Whatsapp

How to Stop Facebook App From Tracking Your Location In the Background
facebook How to

Facebook pulls its Onavo VPN app from the Play Store
facebook NEWS Onavo VPN Play Store

Facebook prefers to recruit from Google over Twitter employees
Diffbot facebook Google knowledge graph NEWS Twitter

Facebook releases list of startups selected for Hack Station
Carambola EntregAli facebook Go Diaspora Hack Station ISGame NEWS

Facebook Messenger How to delete sent messages in 3 steps
facebook Facebook Messenger NEWS


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