Home NEWS Scientists say there’s cancer risk from wearing wireless headsets

Scientists say there’s cancer risk from wearing wireless headsets

Scientists say there's cancer risk from wearing wireless headsets

A group of scientists signed a petition to the United Nations and the World Health Organization to warn of the potential dangers of wireless headsets such as Apple’s AirPods and Gear Icon and Galaxy Buds. Samsung. According to information from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the 250 experts who signed the petition believe that the headphones capture potential cancer risks due to Bluetooth technology.

The technology uses electromagnetic frequency radio waves to transmit data. The International Agency for Research on Cancer recently reported that these waves may be carcinogenic to humans, especially when used in a device so close to the user’s skull.

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According to experts, high levels of exposure to electromagnetic waves can also cause neurological problems and damage to DNA. “Based on published and peer-reviewed research, we have serious concerns about the ubiquitous and increasing exposure of electromagnetic fields generated by electrical and wireless devices,” the petition says.

The World Health Organization’s guidelines for levels of exposure to electromagnetic waves relate to much larger quantities than those emitted by wireless headphones. However, proponents do not think the recommendations are good enough.

“The various agencies setting safety standards have failed to impose enough guidelines to protect the general public, particularly children, who are most vulnerable to the effects of EMF,” the petition explains. “By failing to act, WHO is not fulfilling its role as a prominent international public health agency.”

About the radiation risk, Apple says that “Apple products are always designed and tested to meet or exceed all safety requirements,” Apple’s spokesman Alex Kirschner told WSB-TV Atlanta in 2016 when the AirPods were first launched.


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