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Scientists have proved the harmlessness of mobile phones

American scientists have conducted a study to find out whether the radiation of mobile phones affects human health. Their goal was to prove or disprove the numerous theories and statements that radio frequency radiation from this type of device can eventually cause brain cancer.

Mobile phones emit radio frequency radiation, which is less dangerous than ionizing radiation, obtained during X-rays or, as an example, from nuclear sediments. Ionizing radiation can cause DNA damage, which can eventually lead to the appearance of cancer in a person. Radiofrequency radiation from mobile phones works quite differently, which scientists have proved.

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For two years, the researchers subjected the experimental rats to the radio-frequency emission of 2G and 3G networks for 9 hours every day. Some rodent males exposed to irradiation had small heart tumors, but the females remained completely healthy. In the second experiment, no deviations were seen in rats of both sexes. Moreover, rats exposed to radiation eventually survived longer than those that did not participate in the experiment. True, scientists do not rule out that this is just an accident.

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According to researchers, users in the majority spend much less time, being under radio-frequency radiation, than the rats participating in the experiment.

“Even with the frequent daily use of mobile phones, we have not seen an increase in the number of diseases, such as brain tumors, in the vast majority of adults,” the US Food and Drug Administration said.

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Otis Brauli, a chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, agreed that, according to numerous tests, there is no clear evidence of a link between the use of a mobile phone and the development of cancer in humans.

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    Is this really the truth.. Is this the reality..? Thanks to scientists for proving this issue.. Thanks for the info

  2. Very useful information boss, thank very much, bravo to the scientists, the radiation on phone has effects that why we are been advice not to sleep near our phone

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