Saurik has released an update Cydia Substrate bug fixes

Saurik (Jay Freeman) released a significant update to Cydia Substrate less than two weeks ago, but users had some problems with it. In connection with these developers released another update, which fixed all the problems.

Considering the fact that the most recent bugs were fixed in the latest version of Cydia Substrate, we would recommend installing it as soon as possible. If you already use Cydia Substrate, you can update your sources in Cydia to see the update. Otherwise, you need to add the following repository and download the update from it:

To use the updated version of Cydia Substrate, you need the unc0ver 2.0.0 and later jailbreak version. Substitute can be replaced by Cydia Substrate using the “Substrate Downloader” file, but this requires the latest version of “dpkg”.


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