Samsung's foldable smartphone will ultimately be a tablet that fits in your pocket

The rumors about the arrival of the first foldable smartphone have been running for a long time. For several years Samsung has left several clues that confirm its commitment to be the first to create this new segment.

After it was said that the South Korean manufacturer could present the mysterious foldable smartphone still in 2018. It quickly realized that this would not happen. That being said, your arrival will probably happen early next year.

Today, during the presentation of the new Galaxy A9, DJ Koh – CEO of Samsung – spoke again about the much-desired folding smartphone. Koh said that when launching a foldable smartphone, it will have to be a product that interests its users.

This is not the first time we have heard the CEO of the South Korean manufacturer have this kind of speech. Most likely after being asked again about the possibility of this new smartphone being a ‘ gimmick ‘.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone will be a tablet you can pocket

In order to further strengthen this idea, DJ Koh also said that this will certainly not be a product destined to disappear months after its launch. Moreover, he assured that it will be marketed globally, not being exclusive to only a few Asian markets.

During his speech, he also revealed that the manufacturer’s main focus is on developing a tablet that offers unique multi-tasking capabilities. At the same time it can be folded and stored in your pocket.

Although Samsung continues to demonstrate the great desire to become the first manufacturer to launch a foldable smartphone. This may not be an easy task. It has long been known that, several manufacturers are in a battle against time to also launch a smartphone in this new category.

Huawei, which after surpassing Apple in the worldwide ranking of manufacturers, is already looking at the position occupied by Samsung.


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