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Samsung will produce flexible OLED-displays for Apple

Back in February edition of Bloomberg reports show that Apple plans to cooperate with the BOE – Chinese manufacturer of displays for its smartphones. It clarified that they are talking about OLED-panels, although at that time BOE such displays are not engaged. Now it became known that the BOE will invest in the production of folding and flexible OLED-displays exclusively for Apple.

Samsung OLED-displays for Apple

Of course, Apple will test and verify the quality of the display, before a decision is made about their use in the iPhone XI and XI Plus (it is assumed that this is what will be called the next generation Apple smartphone). But the fact that the BOE makes such investments in technology, demonstrates that companies can truly become partners.

It is interesting that, as already mentioned, it is not just about flexibility, but also about the folding panels. This coincides with rumours that Apple is working on a smartphone, which can be folded in half like a book. It also reported that Samsung is working on a model with a similar form factor, the so-called Galaxy X. It is quite possible that next year we will see a confrontation between the foldable smartphones from both the Giants. With this in mind, it is logical that Apple turned to another vendor displays.

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