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Samsung will manufacture 80% of the OLED screens of the new iPhone 12

In order to avoid over-reliance on a single supplier, Apple has been working in recent years to diversify the provenance of the components that give life to its products. However, one of the products that is making it more difficult is the iPhone, which since it has begun to include the OLED panel in its specifications has forced the company to depend heavily on Samsung. And it is that the Korean company is the main supplier of OLED panels in the world.

And since nobody likes to depend on their competitors, especially since the most innovative technologies can be kept for their own products, those of Cupertino have tried to reduce their weight in the production of the next iPhone 12. However, according to the latest DigiTimes report shared by MacRumors, those from Cupertino will continue to have to resort to Samsung panels for most of their new models.

Specifically, around 80% of the OLED panels that will carry the next iPhone will be manufactured by Samsung Display, while the remaining 20% ​​will be shared among other providers such as LG Display and BOE. This situation is due to the fact that Samsung is currently the only one capable of dedicating sufficient production capacity to Apple to meet the demand for its products. Still, this does not mean that Apple will allow this situation for a long time.

Precisely one of the suppliers that we have mentioned, the Chinese BOE, would be applying to become an important collaborator of Apple. To achieve a successful result with the iPhone 12 models, Apple may decide to lean much more on this Chinese manufacturer. For now, those of Cupertino will have to continue trusting Samsung to offer the great image quality that we have been obtaining in recent years thanks to its OLED panels.

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