Home NEWS Samsung was caught using pictures from a DSLR camera!

Samsung was caught using pictures from a DSLR camera!

Opp Samsung was caught using pictures from a DSLR camera!

It is not the first time we see a brand of smartphones promoting the camera of its smartphone with a photograph that was not captured by them.

Just a few months ago, when the Galaxy A8 (2018) was launched, Samsung was accused of stealing a photo from the Getty Images catalog, now with the Galaxy A8 Star promotion the situation repeats itself and was the author herself of the photo that denounced the situation.

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On Samsung’s official website, The Samsung Galaxy A8 Star page which has its list of specifications accompanied by the typical illustrative images and some examples of photos, which we tend to believe are photos actually captured by smartphones.

In this case, the situation is not quite so.

Dunja Djudjic, a photographer with images for sale on the Getty Images platform via the EyeEm website, received a message congratulating her on the sale of a photo taken with a f / 2.0 aperture DSLR. With a quick search, he realized that it had been Samsung to do so to highlight the portrait mode effect of his new smartphone.

Original photography, captured by Dunja Djudjic with a DSLR Camera

On Samsung’s website you can see the same image, completely edited, revealing one as “original” and another with the “blur effect”, already known as Live focus.

In addition to the photography being authored by Dunja Djudjic, it is also from his face that he appears, making her the “true” face of Samsung’s promotional campaign.

In a publication where he explains the whole story, Dunja Djudjic concludes:

Unfortunately, it’s not news that smartphone companies use DSLR photos to fake camera features. Samsung has done this before, just like Huawei. And I think a lot of other brands do, we still have not found out. I am sure that Samsung at least bought my photo legally even though I have not received confirmation from her. But regardless, this is misleading advertising.

Will big brands really need to use these tricks to fool the consumer?


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