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Samsung wants to develop its own graphics cards

Samsung wants to develop its own graphics cards

Samsung is currently the largest mobile device manufacturer in the world. It is still the worldwide leader in smartphones. But this South Korean company is much more than its Android smartphones.

Samsung is one of the largest technology companies in the world. It also sells appliances, air conditioners, televisions and more. It is also the largest semiconductor company in the world, including the US Intel.

So it was almost a natural step to start seeing the company develop and apply their own processors on their smartphones. The Exynos are in the global variants of their range tops, while the Snapdragons are only marketed in China and the USA.

However, these processors make use of third-party graphics cards. More specifically, Exynos processors rely on Mali GPUs, produced by ARM. Graphics that, incidentally, are part of all other processors with the exception of Snapdragon.

Samsung also wants to develop its own graphics cards

But Samsung wants to change its role in this market. According to the progress of the publication WinFuture, the South Korean wants to start developing their own graphics cards. Conclusion removed from an ad discovered in Linkedin.

Based on what is advanced, the company wants to take full control of the development of these components. From its architecture, design and instruction set.

They will have top-of-the-line performance. But the curious thing is that the company intends to implement them in their low-end equipment. A rather curious decision.

With this maneuver, Samsung will want to equip its economic equipment with top graphics performance. Moreover, adopting own graphics will reduce some production costs and, consequently, the sale price to the public.

For the future, the South Korean giant is also aiming to implement its GPUs in autonomous cars and in Artificial Intelligence equipment.



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