Samsung used the iPhone for advertising Galaxy Note 9 on Twitter

In the past, many celebrities have been caught on the fact that they post a smartphone ad on Twitter from a completely different smartphone, how crazy that may be many people are still making that mistake one will ask if they do that on purpose. Now on this, the company Samsung on its official Twitter account appeared a tweet advertising Galaxy Note 9, published from the iPhone.

The tweet talked about the Infinity Galaxy Note 9 display and the “awesome movie viewing” it provides. After the company was caught using iPhone for the advert, the tweet was removed.

Samsung is not the first company to make such a mistake. In 2014, LG scoffed at Apple and bending the iPhone 6 Plus due to tweets published from the iPhone. And recently, the main character of the film “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot caught on advertising Huawei Mate 10 Pro, also published with the iPhone.

Such mistakes of companies and celebrities act as anti-advertising. More attention in the end goes to the iPhone, not about the smartphone adverted. Many people prefer to use Twitter on the iPhone since the iOS version is much more convenient than for Android.


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