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Samsung patented a fingerprint scanner that can be placed under the glass

Back in April of this year, Samsung filed a patent application for a special fingerprint scanner. It can be placed directly under the glass, which eliminates the need for a physical key. In this case, you can use it in 12 places on the display, which will protect the opening of some applications with a fingerprint. Now this application has been approved, so Samsung officially entrusted the right to use technology on its devices.

According to the attached image, Samsung presents this as a kind of sandwich. The scanner will be placed between the protective glass and the touch panel. This will simplify the restriction of access to user data. For example, if the smartphone does not “recognize” the owner, then when you open the photo gallery, not all pictures will be displayed, but only public folders.


In the same way, you can protect your messengers from unauthorized users: the selected contacts or chats will not be displayed if the smartphone is not in the hands of the owner. Banking applications will behave in a similar way.

According to earlier information, the smartphone in which we can see such a scanner, the Galaxy S9, can be presented already in January at CES. However, it is likely that this will be a presentation behind closed doors. The public will be shown it only at the MWC, which will be held in February or March next year.

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