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Samsung patent new way of interacting with our devices

Samsung patent new way of interacting with our devices

Samsung is one of the technology companies that most technologies implement in their equipment. Two of the big flags of the South Korean company are the iris reader, the S-Pen and smartphones with curved side screens.

However, there are two points that are increasingly in vogue in the market and to which the company has resisted. I’m talking about the notch and still gesture navigation that should be more omnipresent after the launch of Android Pie.

But it is precisely on the basis of this last point that Samsung can come back from its direct competition. Based on gesture navigation, the South Korean company has just patented a new form of interaction with electronic devices.

Currently, gesture navigation is known to require direct contact with the smartphone screen. Although you do not need to click on a specific button for a particular task, you must have direct contact with your equipment.

Samsung patent new gesture navigation without contact with the screen

In fact, the South Korean company wants to eliminate even this limitation that in the days that run seems obvious to us. Samsung has just patented a navigation that inhibits us from using the touchscreen of our smartphone.

In fact, with a simple gesture in the vicinity of the screen you can trigger a specific function. For example, to navigate through a webpage you will simply move your hand up or down. This is always without any direct contact with the smartphone screen.

The image below is part of the documentation submitted by Samsung. So you can see some of the gestures that the technological submitted for approval by the competent authority.

Samsung patent gesture navigation


Also according to the same patent, it can be seen that this type of technology can be used in another type of equipment. The documentation in question specifically shows us the same idea in use on a computer.

However, this type of technology may not sound totally novelty to anyone who follows this world closely. Also, Apple will be working on a similar system, which could be another point of rivalry between these two tech giants.

Finally, it should be noted that the submission of a patent does not require a practical result. In reality, we have only the safeguard of an idea, its practical application always being at the discretion and desire of the company concerned.


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