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Samsung patent augmented reality smart glasses. Know the concept


Samsung is considering the possibility of developing its own augmented reality glasses. The South Korean manufacturer officially registered the patent in the United States, and the images show glasses with a screen that automatically connects through the frame.

Although with pronounced beams, this concept shows itself quite close to the design of a classic glasses. The big difference is the small screen that appears in front of at least one of the eyes of the users when the glasses are unfolded.

Credit: Samsung

Projector on the aste gives life to a screen in the glasses lens

According to the images, this screen is reflected from a prism to the lens, through a small projector that will be in the eye of the glasses. It is not revealed how the glasses will work, as Samsung leaves several possibilities open with regard to clock components such as Bluetooth, processors or Wi-Fi.

In order to make sure that the glasses do not accidentally turn off, Samsung plans to use magnetic sensors to ensure that the glasses remain in “folding position”. This will only switch off when folded by the user.

Credit: Samsung

Like any patent, we must take into account that it does not mean that it will effectively transform into a product in the future. However, it is interesting to see that Samsung is working on this possibility.

The patent was published this week, but Samsung submitted it on January 2 of this year. This means that if the development of these glasses is in practice, it has been happening for some time.


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