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Samsung may invest 35 million euros in exclusive games

The gaming market for smartphones has grown exponentially this year, and it looks like the next big trend will be augmented reality games. Apparently, Samsung holds tight investments in this ‘new’ segment.

According to new information, the South Korean manufacturer may be preparing an investment of more than 35 million euros in Niantic Inc. In order to guarantee the rights to exclusive games.

The information was published by The Inquirer Where they mentioned that through this investment Samsung would achieve the exclusivity of high profile games for their smartphones.

Samsung prepare astronomical investment to ensure exclusive games for their smartphones

As a result of this possible investment, we may in the future see the Galaxy smartphones arrive already with some exclusive games of Niantic pre-installed. The biggest creator of augmented reality games can get a big boost in their coffers thanks to this ‘partnership’.

Recall that Niantic began to take notice with the launch of its first augmented reality game, Ingress. Although this was quite popular, the big ‘explosion’ happened with the launch of Pokemon Go in 2016.


Although the details about this partnership are rather scarce. Talk about the possibility of the first game being about the movie Harry Potter. However, it should present itself quite differently from the current Harry Potter game released by Niantic.

Finally, the new augmented reality game may come as exclusive to the upcoming Galaxy Note and you should take advantage of your S-Pen. Most likely this partnership could be formalized later this year. The first results could be revealed already during MWC 2019 in February.

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