Home NEWS Samsung introduced the world’s largest LED-screen for movie theaters

Samsung introduced the world’s largest LED-screen for movie theaters

Samsung introduced the world's largest LED-screen for movie theaters

Samsung Electronics has introduced the world’s largest Onyx Cinema LED screen with 3D support. Its width is 14 meters – 40% more compared to last year’s first-generation Onyx display. The new panel is already in use at the Capital cinema in Beijing and is ready for installation around the world.

“The Onyx Cinema screen is an important step forward for the entire industry, opening the door to a new generation of cinemas around the world. We look forward to working with Capital Cinema and being able to demonstrate the new image quality standard, ”said Sok Ki Kim, executive vice president of Visual Displays at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung introduced the first Onyx series display in July 2017, its width was about 10 meters. Due to the high demand for super-large screens from both consumers and businesses, the size of the new Samsung Onyx has been increased to 14 meters.

Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screens are suitable for almost all types of cinemas, while providing high image quality and reliability. The unique display installed in Capital combines 4K resolution, HDR support and a maximum brightness level of 88 fL, almost six times the brightness of a standard projector. Onyx also supports 3D-Ready and Digital Cinema Initiatives.

“We are always looking for new ways to improve film viewing. Therefore, we are very pleased to open the halls with the world’s first 14-meter Onyx Cinema LED screen in our cinemas, as these displays provide the best in-class immersive experience for viewers, ”commented Capital Cinema CEO Dan Yunhon.


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