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Samsung, Huawei, and Honor will make the “hole in the screen” the fashion of 2019

Samsung, Huawei and Honor will make the hole in the screen the fashion of 2019

With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy A8s, we saw the first Android smartphone with a front hole in the screen to house the camera. However, soon we will also have a new Honor View 20 as well as new smartphones from Huawei.

Although the latter two have not yet been officially presented, both have an official designation. In this sense, we will have the new Huawei Nova 4 in addition to the aforementioned View 20 of its sub-brand, Honor.

First, although we have seen some rumors suggesting an early presentation of Huawei, it would be Samsung to get ahead. In fact, the new Samsung Galaxy A8s gives us a good idea of what to expect from the next smartphones of this genre.

The Samsung Galaxy A8s was the first!

Therefore, by the end of this year we will have a new trio of Android smartphones with a hole in the screen. This triad of pioneers represents the advent of a new fashion, a new trend for the Android smartphone market. That is, in 2019 will reign this new pattern that will require the almost complete suppression of the “notch” or clipping at the top of the screen. Instead we will have only a single hole to house the front camera of our smartphones. Something that will make them extremely similar …

Indeed, in 2019 Android smartphones will be extremely identical to each other. All this thanks to the “new fashion” or future trend of the use of Infinity-O screens, only with the small hole and bezels very reduced.

Therefore, if the front end will be extremely identical, the brands will focus on the back of their smartphones. Only then can they add a dash of creativity and differentiation to their Android devices.

Huawei, Honor and other manufacturers will bet on the design of the rear 

Although we may raise some doubts regarding the quality of the loudspeaker, sensors and front camera, it is certain that the necessary adaptations will be made. However, it would not be surprising if the first generation of Android smartphones with these traits presented some compromises or imperfections.

Looking at the back of this Samsung Galaxy A8s we have here a total of three cameras. Firstly we have a 24MP sensor with a focal aperture of f / 1.7. Already without second place, we have a 10MP camera with optical zoom and a focal aperture of f / 2.4. Thirdly we have a last 5MP camera with a f / 2.2 focal aperture. The latter is only used for depth-of-field measurement purposes.

On the back of this Android smartphone, we also have your fingerprint reader or biometric sensor. However, on the front side we have a 24MP camera with f / 2.0 focal aperture for selfies and video calls.

What to expect from the new Android smartphones from Huawei and Honor?

For the above reasons, the great difference of the new smartphones Huawei and Honor will be the design/configuration of its rear. Here, we expect a strong commitment from Huawei and Honor in the photographic aspect, also with a total of 3 rooms.

What to expect from the new Android smartphones from Huawei and Honor

Something that can apply to both the smartphone that will be released in its own name – Huawei Nova 4 – as well as that of its sub-brand. In this sense, we believe that the new Honor View also brings a triple camera configuration.

Moreover, both Android smartphones can use the Kirin 980 processor. In short, the same SoC that feeds the top tops of the line Huawei Mate 20. Something that for now still needs confirmation, and Kirin 710 is also a good candidate.

In a final note, Huawei and Honor smartphones are due in the coming weeks.


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