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Samsung Gear S3 gets update with improvements to the Battery

Samsung Gear S3
Samsung Gear S3

Battery life, or rather, the shortage of it. This is one of the biggest concerns and problems for any and all mobile users. From smartphones, tablets and even wearables to smartwatches and wristbands, they all have a battery to keep them running. Now for the Samsung Gear S3 we have good news!

Or rather, for the respective Samsung Gear S3 smart watches owners the improvements are coming to their devices. Even more than new functions, autonomy is most likely the biggest concern for those who use these gadgets and with good reasons.

After having tested this Samsung Gear S3 we have concluded that the best watches are as far as battery autonomy is concerned. That is, for a smartwatch or smartwatch. Still, every 3 days (average value depending on usage), you will have to load it.

Now that a new system update is coming for the Samsung Gear S3 to improve battery life, who is not happy? That is, with the new system software you can count on a few more hours of use for this smartwatch.

Samsung Gear S3 receives a software update

In order to increase its autonomy or stamina, South Korean technology continues to optimize the entire TizenOS system. This is the platform used by Samsung Gear S3 and not the Android Wear now called WearOS of Google. Returning to the watch of the South Korean manufacturer, the new update is already being made available by the company, its distribution being gradual and phased. Above all, you should feel an improvement in the battery life for your watch.

Very soon, you will receive on your smartphone the new update notification available for the Samsung Gear S3 watch. You can identify the new version of the system software by build number  R760XXU2CRC3. As mentioned in the official changelog we have here “Battery improvements” and “Improvements in the stability of the Bluetooth connection” among other optimizations.

Since its importance for a smart clock that depends on the connection to the smartphone, we advise its installation. You can search for the update in the Samsung Gear application. Then go to “About Gear – Software Update”. It should also be noted that the update is already being made available in several world markets, from Canada, USA, and South Korea.

Samsung could launch a Gear S4 later this year along with the Galaxy Note 9. However, the information about this smart device is still scarce.

And you, have you received this new update to the smart clock of South Korean technology?



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