Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite may be on the way and could become the “King of Folders”!


During this year, foldable smartphones have become more “normal”, even though not as many models have been launched on the market as such, they are no longer seen as products taken directly from Scy-Fi films. However, despite the many rumors, we still don’t see a foldable smartphone coming that is really affordable.

It is true that the sales numbers of some models ended up exceeding expectations, even with extremely high prices . So it is easy to speculate that if a model with a considerably lower price is launched, its success will reach numbers never seen before in this segment.

We don’t hear about Z Fold Lite anymore but we are hearing about Z Flip Lite with UTG …

– Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) 18 November 2020

After several rumors point to the possible launch of a Galaxy Z Fold Lite, it seems that Samsung has decided to abandon this project. The information comes through Ross Young, founder of DSCC and regular leaker information on foldable smartphones.

Young revealed I recently stopped hearing about the Galaxy Z Fold Lite, indicating that the manufacturer may have abandoned the project. In turn, he confirmed that there is now talk of developing a Lite version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite may be the brand’s best bet over the past few years

There is still no unanimous opinion as to which is the perfect design for foldable smartphones. However, there are many who advocate the “flip” or “shell” approach, making smartphones much more practical. On the other hand, other users prefer the versatility of having a tablet-sized screen for multimedia consumption.

Regardless of which approach will be ideal for this segment, with regard to a cheaper model, there is no doubt that the Flip model will be the most suitable.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite

For a Lite version to achieve desired success, it is necessary to offer the lowest possible price. So it makes perfect sense to bet on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite, as it has a considerably smaller screen, automatically reducing your production cost.

In addition, this cut in your cost it also allows them to invest in the implementation of an ultra-thin glass layer (UTG), instead of the controversial plastic present in the original Galaxy Z Fold.

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