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Samsung Galaxy X could be the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S9


We are only a few weeks away from this year’s Mobile World Congress and consequently a stampede of new smartphones. Those who spotlight will steal for themselves will be the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +, the next tops of the South Korean range. But there are those who already look to the future and to what will be the much talked about Samsung Galaxy X.

On the 25th of February, we will get to know the new tops of the Galaxy S9 range. These will be the successors of the S8 that have been so successful in the market throughout 2017. They will be the new members of the Galaxy S family, one of the most popular among Samsung lovers.

This line has been the mainstream, the most popular company portfolio among its flagships. Although it is not the line that most innovates in South Korea, it is rather the one that catapults any innovation into something more standardized in the market. That is, the innovations are tested in the “Note” and then reach a greater number of users with the “S”.

It was so with the Galaxy S8, and will be again with the Galaxy S9. Especially with the adoption of the double camera, initially introduced with Note 8. It will be only the S9 Plus model to have this innovation, but that will surely captivate many users in 2018.

But even before these smartphones are introduced, there are already those who speak in the future. In their successors that will be unveiled only in 2019. There will be reached the tenth iteration of this line of success of smartphones. By logic, we would then have a Samsung Galaxy S10. Only, by the latest rumours, it will not be so.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Blogs such as GizChina and Hi-tech Mail are advancing that the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be called the Samsung Galaxy X. That is, we will not see an S10 in 2019, but rather a total renovation in the designation of this line of equipment.

Samsung Galaxy S9 may be the end of the line. Will the new bet be on the Samsung Galaxy X?

The Galaxy X is not exactly new to followers of the technology world. This was, for a long time, the name for the much-talked-about folding smartphone from Samsung. That kind of equipment that the market longs for but does not reach. Later, he said that this would, after all, be a new robust smartphone of the company.It should be stressed at the outset that this is only a rumour, an assumption advanced by someone. The South Korean company has not yet said anything about it. This may even be one of the hypotheses on the table for the leaders of the company. But from now until it is officially still a long time.

Now, the latest piece of this puzzle points to the renovation of a world-class line of equipment. Does this mean that Samsung will drastically renew its range of smartphones?

After a Galaxy S9 very similar to its predecessor is expected something new and refreshing to 2019. But from there to think that this will be a foldable smartphone will still far away.

This is a very premature rumour, against the probable date of submission of the successor of S9. This will happen roughly a year from now and much will be said about it. The votes are for Samsung to present something surprising next year, regardless of the designation you decide to assign.


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