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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: official images reveal tablet design with two cameras


The Galaxy Tab S6 is the next premium tablet to be launched by Samsung. It appears that it will be announced in conjunction with the new Galaxy Note 10, on August 7. The first official renders reveal its complete design, its two chambers and some of the features.

The images were shared in exclusivity by AndroidHeadlines, and show that the tablet will arrive with a rear slot to house the S Pen. This will be expected to allow the S Pen to be charged, wirelessly, by the tablet itself. Just above the recess are the two chambers, of which configuration is not yet known.


S Pen has been redesigned

This is one of the great points of interest of this line of tablets from Samsung. The new S Pen loses the metal ring, and appears to have a top lid. This redesign is due to features such as wireless charging, and is expected to arrive with Bluetooth.


No audio input 3.5mm

One of the points that may disappoint users is this. Given that the images reveal all sides of the tablet, we found no input for headphones. And on a tablet, this may be a reason to put this option aside.

The design follows the Tab S4 line

Although built-in metal, the device presents itself with a design very similar to that of its predecessor, which was built in glass. It still has four speakers, and the audio continues to be “tuned by AKG”. It will also be possible to buy an official keyboard separately.


The possible specifications

Although these are not confirmed specifications, the latest information points to a 10.5-inch device that starts at 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. In addition, it will be commanded with Snapdragon 855, which will give you top performance.

Release date of

Samsung has chosen to launch the Galaxy Tab S4 a few days before the Galaxy Note 9. Although it is believed that this time can join the launches, and both arrive on August 7, it is not official at this time. As for the price, given that this is the most powerful Android tablet that Samsung has released, we can expect it to not be properly cheap.


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