Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Review

Externally, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 resembles smartphones Galaxy
A-series. It is as light and thin (only 5.6 mm), and on the edges it has the
same metal strip. Back cover is plastic, but the material is of very high
quality.But the price of this Samsung flagship is a stiff to pay! Even after a
year after presentation. The only way to get this desirable gadget – to
buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 on Jiji! Still wonder do you need it? Well,
read our review and decide!


Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
comes in two basic versions: with 8-inch screen and a 9.7-inch screen. The rest
of the hardware is identical: a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels and a matrix
Super AMOLED. As a result, the picture is bright, and clear – perfectly legible
even in bright sunlight.


Despite the thin shape, the
inside of tablet is like in hellmachine. Here are an eight-core processor
Samsung Exynos 5433 (1.9 GHz +1.3 GHz), 3 GB of RAM and 32/64 GB memory, which
perfectly complemented by microSD cards. There is also a version with a slot
for SIM-card, supporting LTE. As a result, the tablet is very fast, and  copes with any tasks effortlessly. Unless, it
heates when you give a “heavy load”, and not only the back part , but
the display itself – subtle forms doesn’t leave space for designers maneuver.
But again, we are talking about really serious loads. And so the games,
applications and video in 4K-resolution, you can play without any complains.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Front view


Resolution of main camera is 8
MP, autofocus, no flash – well what else you can wait from the tablet? The
photos are sharp, with vivid colors, and the camera works fast. As for the
front camera, it is much simpler: a matrix with a resolution of 2.1 megapixels
and fixed focus. And here’s a video camera, that shoots impressive
2K-resolution and with a good quality of sound recording!

Battery lifetime

The battery capacity of the
“little one” Galaxy Tab S2 is 4000 mAh, and the 9.7-inch “sturdy
fellow” has 5870 mAh. But the “little one” is relatively hardy.
The Galaxy Tab S2 in standby mode behaves exceptionally well, so to measure
battery life in days pointless. In fact, Galaxy Tab S2 can lie for days being
turned on and only a little discharge. Therefore, a more appropriate measure is
active using – it provides five or six hours of active work, which included
reading, movie watching and, of course, games. And if you reduce the backlight
and correctly configure power-saving mode, these indicators are even much older.



Excellent design, excellent
High performance
Bright high-quality screen with
fine color adjustment
Decent for a tablet camera
Loud front speakers


High price
Touch the “Task
Manager” climbs under the arms

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